2011-11-29 Parish Council Notes

Because of the many demands on everyone's time in November and December, the Council met only once in this period, on November 29.  Four new members were received: Tony Rohling, Cecile Hastie, Liz Denys and Simon Burce. 


The Council also made the following committee appointments for the next fiscal year:

Nominating Committee: Kit Kreilick, chair, Pat Almonrode, Gloria Biegler, Christopher Vergara and Carolyn Wagner.

Audit Committee: David Trower, chair, Maria del Toro and Aaron Thompson.

Chair of AARC: Pat Almonrode

Chair of the Property Committee: Ed Wagner

Chair of Creative Proclamations: Wayne Britton


Other committee appointments can be found on the ACS database.


The major focus of the 2011-2012 Council is on fostering leadership skills among members of the Congregation.  Any members who would like to observe a meeting of the Council are welcome to join us at our meetings in 2012.  The next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 24 at 7:00 p.m. in the Plaza Room.