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Annual Meeting, October 16, 2011

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President's letter and agenda.pdf


Proposed Actions at the October 16, 2011 ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING:


The Parish Council has: 

  • nominated Tracy Christensen for election to the Trust Commitee and
  • affirmed the Bishop's nomination of Paul Jensen for election to the Trust Committee. 

The Parish Council has proposed to amend the by-laws by replacing B12.11.01.  Regular meetings of the Parish Council shall be held monthly except in July and August with the following: There shall be no less than 8 regular meetings of Parish Council annually. At its annual organizational meeting in October, the Parish Council shall schedule regular meetings through October of the following year.  Regular meetings shall not be scheduled in July and August.  The annual schedule of regular meetings shall be made public.


Parish Council Elections:

Two Parish Council members will be completing their terms: Pat Almonrode and LuAnn Johns.

Nominees for a first three-year term are Lee Malecki and John Mostenan.

Nominees for a second three-year term are Nancy MacLeodConnie Peterson, and Carol Trower.


Thanks to the Nominating Committee: Kit Kreilick (chair), Wayne Britton, Pat Almonrode, Paul Schlotthauer,Gloria Biegler



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