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new liturgical furnishings

Page history last edited by Pastor Jared R. Stahler 9 years, 1 month ago

 A number of new furnishings have been designed for Saint Peter’s Church by Massimo Vignelli and Beatriz Cifuentes of Vigneli Associates. These pieces are in various phases of fabrication and are available for anyone to give in memory or honor of a person or an event:


Please note: the flower stands clear plastic cylinders that coordinate with the Presence Candle. Not to be confused with the black boxes in which the trees are planted.



donor secured

 Side Table (2) donor secured
 Flower Stand (6 total; 4 large 2 small) $1,150.00 each for the large (48 inches tall); price for smaller (24 inches tall) is being determined






 If you are interested in giving such a gift, please contact Pastor Stahler by calling the church office.



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