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Socks For Japan - you can help!

Page history last edited by Cheryl Ro Baker 9 years, 4 months ago Saved with comment

congratulations, dear Saint Peter's folk, we collected 161 pairs of socks for Socks For Japan.

this includes what was bought with your cash donations.  God bless deep discounts at Bloomingdales!


seven weeks after the earthquake/ tsunami, there are hundreds of thousands of displaced survivors with permanently altered lives. 

YOU will bring a ray of sunlight into the grim reality of those who receive your beautiful socks and lovely notes of encouragement and love.

in every pair of socks, we also included a note with sharon's email address and saint peter's website, etc.  if any correspondence from Japan is received, i will promptly tell you here!




Ro Baker's company, Guardian Life Insurance, collected 341 pairs!  all 502 pairs will be sent together from Guardian. 

we are eternally grateful to this company for paying the total shipping cost!


if you'd still like to help, talk to Sharon or Ro.  i have a feeling we will send a few more as time goes on. 

everything you'd like to know is here - socksforjapan.com - and my quick tips are the following:

-only NEW socks!
-fun colors or dark
-mens and womens socks only.  they apparently have enough kid/ baby socks already.
-go for quality over quantity.  give 1 pair or dozens.
-put each pair in a ziploc with a short note, or we will provide one if you like.  translation into Japanese is available!
-monetary donations for socks/ ziplocs are accepted too


if you feel like a few pairs of socks are about as useful as throwing sand at a tidal wave, i urge you to read the following post from Jason Kelly, the man behind socksforjapan.  he tells of their journeys into destroyed towns, and puts a human face on this incomprehendable tragedy with individual stories of survivors they have met:  survivors who not only badly need the socks they bring but the also the gesture of kindness too.  look especially for the story of 'ring man' (towards the end of the post) - - -




also, please check out the posters on the living room bulletin boards and email sharon or ro with any questions!

sharon.harlem@yahoo.com    rebaker@earthlink.net

thank you so much for helping.  imagine how you would feel if you'd lost everything but then got a little package from someone far away who cared...

Ro and Sharon are grateful, but how much more the Japanese recipients of your socks and letters!


again, Thank You!

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