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Spring Retreat 2011

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Click here to register now! (Last day to register online is May 4th)


After May 4th you may sign up for the Spring Retreat by contacting Anne Emmerling directly (201-886-1648) and make arrangements to pay with cash or a check.


We normally view our life journey as beginning in innocence and moving toward a world view that is "real", often more cynical and hardened.  Most often, innocence is something we look back on as a part of childhood but something we've grown out of.  As we journey through life gaining experience and knowledge while simultaneously losing innocence our ability to use faith to deal with the complex and perplexing issues of life can be profoundly challenged and the articulation of our faith can become convoluted, complicated, defensive and somewhat rhetorical. 

What if we did not have to choose between the innocence of childhood faith and the maturity of adult faith? What if we saw innocence as something not to grow out of but to reclaim as essential and relevant?  What if our task was to revalue and reintegrate into our adult lives not childish innocence but innocence lost in childhood?

This retreat will look at that reevaluation.  It will take the position that we do not have to choose between innocence and experience, between childhood faith and adult faith; but rather, as we grow older in years we can also grow younger in faith.  We will explore ways we can do this and what such a stance could mean as we face the opportunities and challenges of adult life.


Location:    Koinonia, 165 Lakeview Dr., Highland Lake, NJ 12743



                  Koinonia is about 120 northwest of NYC


The retreat being held in the Kairos Conference Center where we have reserved 20 rooms. The Kairos Conference Center rooms each have their own bathroom (so nice) and mostly have two double beds per room.  The room we use for getting together is in the building we're in along with the kitchen and dinning area.  The staff at Koinonia do all the work--that is we don't cook, we don't clean, we just have a relaxing time filled with fellowship. 


Costs for room and board are:

            $192 per person with one adult in a room

            $146 per person with two adults in a room

            $118 per person with three or more adults in a room

            $  73 per child (age 5-16) in a room with an adult


This cost covers the room, 3 meals on Saturday and 2 meals on Sunday.  Attendees should plan on arriving Friday evening however they don't provide a meal on Friday night.  We will be leaving Sunday after lunch (around 1 PM). 


We usually have one session with evening service on Friday.  On Saturday we have breakfast followed by a session, lunch followed by another session, free time, then the evening meal and evening service.  Saturday night we get together for a movie and/or campfire with smores.  Saturday usually ends with a casual get together--attendees bring drinks (soft or otherwise) and snacks for the group to share.  On Sunday we have breakfast followed by the Sunday service which Bill Eschen will lead, then lunch then we start to filter home.  We don't pay for Bill Eschen's room or board as he will lead the Sunday service and all the groups and staff at Koinonia attend that service. 


There is no public transportation to Koinonia so we need to arrange transportation for any who don't have a car.  If there are too many without a car I'll rent a van or something which will add to the per person cost.  So far we've always been able to handle the transportation within the group.  People who don't have a car should be prepared to pay the driver for transportation ($15-20 depending on what the driver needs for gas).


THE DIRECTIONS TO KOINONIA ARE:  (these come from their website)


From New York City vicinity:  1. Take the New York Thruway (I-87 North)
2. Take Exit 16 (Harriman Exit)
3. Travel on Route 17 West about 20 miles
4. Take I-84 West to Port Jervis (Exit 1)
5. Follow Route 6 West through Port Jervis to Route 97 North
6. Follow Route 97 North for about 17 miles to Barryville
7. In Barryville, at the blinking light turn right onto 55 North and go about 4 miles into the town of Eldred.
8. Go straight through the traffic light in Eldred and continue past the high school and cemetery on your right.
9. Immediately past the cemetery, a road veers to the right. follow this road for approximately 2 miles.
10. The Koinonia entrance will be on your left. Camp office first building on right. Conference Center about 1/2 mile     on left.


From North of the New York area:  1. Take I-87 South
2. Go to No. 2 above
1. Take the Taconic State Parkway South
2. Go to No. 4 above.

From Northwest New York State area:
1. Take Rt. 17 South from Binghamton
2. At the town of Hancock, take Rt. 97 South to Barryville
3. Turn left on Route 55 North and go into Eldred
4. Go to No. 8 above

From Pennsylvania:
1. From I-84 East, take Exit 1 at Port Jervis
2. Go to No. 5 above
1. From I-84 East, exit at Route 6 to Milford
2. Take Rt. 6 North and turn right onto Twin Lakes Road to Shohola
3. Cross the Delaware River into Barryville, NY and continue Through the traffic light on Route 55 North to the     town of Eldred
4. Go to 8 above.


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