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Narthex Upgrade Group

Page history last edited by Pastor Jared R. Stahler 10 years, 1 month ago


Ed Wagner (Property), Watson Bosler (Design), Sam Hutcheson (Staff), Lynne Muhler (Jazz), Fran Reed (Newcomer Commission), (AARC)


The Workgroup will be convened in the near future to consider a major upgrade to the Narthex. The Workgroup is composed of representatives of key segments of Saint Peter's. Its members will work throughout the summer to identify key concerns and seek out perspectives from interested parties.



Items to be addressed:

Lights and lighting control

Electrical Supply


Component pieces:

Reception desk

Reception area

Print Material


Giving Terminals

Electronic Saint Peer's web browsing capability

Signage (electronic and print)

Art Gallery Book holders



Summer - convene group and do major research

Late summer - synthesize information

September - presentation to Parish Council with action

October - design work; vendor and contract setting

November and December - production

January and February - installation

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