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Reading and Praying Guidelines

Page history last edited by Pastor Jared R. Stahler 10 years, 8 months ago

Yours is an important task. You are responsible for the proclamation of God’s Word.  As you prepare for your reading, please keep the word PROCLAMATION in mind.  Some suggestions:


1.         Take the time to study the passage so that you understand what you are reading.


2.         Take the time to read the reading each day of the week preceding the Sunday that you are reading.


3.         Practice out loud.  Your mouth needs to become accustomed to speaking the text.


Additional guidelines below: 


1.         Reading takes place from the pulpit in the Sanctuary, except for the Holy Gospel at a Mass.  Read from the Lectionary or Gospel Book, not a bulletin or a sheet of paper.  The reading will be marked for you.


2.        New technological imrpovements mean you should have no need to adjust the microphone. The sound engineer can do far more from the back of the Sanctuary than you can do by something as simple as moving the microphone--which you should avoid. 


3.         Begin readings without any introduction. Emphasis is on the passage being procalimed, not the announcement of it.


4.         Read in a slow and deliberate manner so that everyone can digest what you read.


5.         Conclude the reading with silence. Do not say the words “The Word of the Lord” or "here endith the reading."


6.         When you have finished, simply step back and remain silent until the beginning of the whatever may follow.  This will help to guide the congregation to observe the rubric Silence for Meditation.


7.         For the 11:00 MASS: At the time of the prayers, go to the desk at the back of the sanctuary.  A copy of the prayers will be there. Count silently to three or four before you begin to pray: center yourself!  Please go during the creed so that you have time. The microphone will be turned on and off, and the volume controlled, by a member of the staff.


8.         Keep an ample silence (about fifteen seconds) where silence is noted.



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Dennis Frado said

at 6:01 pm on Feb 7, 2010

Not sure how to pronounce the name of a country in next Sunday's Prayers of the People? Go to: http://inogolo.com/guides/countries and listen.

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