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Online Prayer List

Page history last edited by margie clark 6 years, 4 months ago

Online Prayer List  This prayer list is created and maintained by the members of theIntersection.  The church will make reference to these persons in its weekly prayers. 


When adding to this list, please use only first names to protect the privacy of others.



Please remember the following in your prayers:  

Name Reason for prayers Date added to list
Hilary  abdominal bleeding and surgery  6/24/2011 
 Lottie Age 91, and has pneumonia  1/9/2011
Jeff  undergoing liver transplant  2/2/11 
Larry  chronic liver disease  2/18/11 
Amy Rego  Surgery on 4/20/11  4/15/11 
 Suffering from alcohol addiction
Clark Terry Surgery and hospitalization  
Carrie Smith  Cancer  2/20/12 
Alicia Gallup  I need prayer to quit smoking and also to develop a more holy walk with christ. Thank you 4/19/12 
Diana  Cancer  4/20/12 
Bob Busch
Recovering from surgery
 Generalized Anxiety Disorder and ongoing need of financial responsibility.  Thank you
Cassidy   14 year old girl who is a victim of bullying and has try to commit suicide 3 times


Michael Back surgery on June 13 and twins through surrogacy due July 18 (he's a single dad) 6/3/14


Added in 2010

Arleen Nearing death (pneumonia) 11/1/2010
OZ Improve Health and Employment 9/22/2010


Jim  Brain cancer     10/1/2010
Susan  Brain, lung and bone cancer       
William  Knee Surgery  1/9/10 
Shirley  Chronic pain  1/4/10 
Jim Cancer


Marlene Recurrent brain tumor


Heather Severe migraines



recovering from lung cancer


Kristi  Young mother, receiving chemotherapy for lymphoma.  8/10/2010 
Henry Just underwent a biopsy for a brain tumor and will be undergoing radiation treatments 8/19/2010
Pauline 97-year-old mother of Henry above, who is bipolar and dependent on him and angry at God because of his illness 8/19/2010


Recovering from serious injury



in the hospital for cancer treatment




Added in 2009

Jeanine long-term illness 7/7/2009
David Under care for cancer  7/20/2009
Genevieve  Long-term respiratory illness  7/20/2009 
Erwin  more heart problems  7-23-2009 
Irma  final stages of alzheimers  1/20/10 
Jorene Brain tumor  9/9/2009
Jill  New cancer diagnosis  9/9/2009 
Karol  illness  9/27/09 
Delia  Major heart surgery  10/21/2009 
Adrienne  Gall bladder surgery w/complications  10/21/2009 
Fran  Treatment for Leukemia  10/21/2009 
Sylvia  Eye surgery  10/21/2009 
Andrew  Cancer  11/19/09 
Michelle  Lupis  11/19/09 
Anne Heart illness 11/19/09


Comments (3)

Lisa said

at 5:55 pm on Jul 26, 2009

I am so thankful to have this prayer list of people problems to pray for - things that matter personally to those in our community.

Nancy MacLeod said

at 5:33 pm on Mar 8, 2010

How do you add a name to the prayer list?
Please respond.
Nancy MacLeod

Alicia said

at 2:46 pm on Apr 19, 2012

To add a name to the prayer list click on edit up towards the top then add your info.

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